Kinetic Sculpture Spectra-2

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Spectra-2: FIELD Spectra-2 041 by FIELD.IO

The magnificent impact of a very small event, very far away.

Spectra-2 is a half digital, half natural landscape – a spatial collage of synchronised elements including kinetic sculpture, data display, wall gradient, and dynamic soundtrack. The narrative of the installation is driven by a NASA dataset, charting meteor impacts on the surface of the moon over the last 9 years.
The second piece in FIELD’s Spectra series of artworks, it was shown during London Design Festival in September 2014. Each of the Spectra works create an immersive, audio-visual experience by connecting physical and digital elements, suggesting that exploring the unknown edges of our universe might be driven by the same, deeply human desire that makes us want to connect with each other.

Spectra-2: FIELD Spectra-2 02 by FIELD.IO
Spectra-2: FIELD Spectra-2 051 by FIELD.IO
Spectra-2: FIELD Spectra-2 061 by FIELD.IO
Spectra-2: FIELD Spectra-2 09 by FIELD.IO
Spectra-2: FIELD Spectra-2 07 by FIELD.IO


London Design FestivalSpectra-2


A project by FIELD
Artistic Direction Marcus Wendt
Co-Direction Vera-Maria Glahn
Production Maran Coates

Engineering + Build Laurence Symonds
Software Owen Hindley, Eduard Prats Molner
Sound Jochen Mader


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