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Hidden Layer

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How does it feel to be an augmented human?
– Questions of identity in a future of synthetic realities.

Hidden Layer by FIELD. Experimental Short Film, 02:54min, UK 2018
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When our everyday decision-making is closely intertwined with artificial intelligence systems – personal assistants and neural networks filtering the information we access and the content we consume, weighing up probabilities and managing our time – how does that affect how we feel as human beings?

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“In the near future, such systems could infer our will and rapidly manifest it without our direct input. Responsive not just to your general preferences but to your shifting emotional states and fleeting desires.”

– Prof. Robert C. Wolcott in Forbes Magazine, August 2017
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When human + artificial intelligence blend into an augmented self… what happens when the systems that we have become one with, collapse?

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About the Title

In an artificial neural network, the Hidden Layer is where the main computation is performed, but it has no direct connection with the outside world.

Deep Learning algorithms change and evolve dynamically based on the data that’s input into the algorithms, and are therefore to a certain extent autonomous, unpredictable, and inscrutable in their decision-making.

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With the Second Nature series of works, FIELD envision new metaphors for the new complexities in our world – exploring Machine Learning as a source of inspiration and a tool.

Press Kit


Produced by


Directed by

Marcus Wendt

Written by

Marcus Wendt + Vera-Maria Glahn


Maggie Maurer at IMG


SOS in Belair

Camera Operator

Seth Finegold


Natalie Wilkins

Hair + Makeup

Kentaro Kondo at Eighteen Management


Vera-Maria Glahn

Art Direction

Olof Storm, Paul Brenner, Arnaud Peron

Visual Effects, Design + Animation

Tim Bacon, Julien Bauzin, Paul Brenner, Dan Hoopert, Fernando Magalhaes, Arnaud Peron


Alice Shaughnessy

Original Soundtrack

Goldenhum + Kuedo