Virtual Reality Sculptures Quasar

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Three human archetypes of future explorers, characterised through wearable sculptures, interactive Virtual Reality experiences, and a series of photo artworks.

Quasar is an art project that describes the spirit of pioneering as three human archetypes – each with their own means of perception, rationale and communication. We observe their acts of exploring and creating, their willpower, creative strength and physical exhaustion. Idolised innovators of our time, advancing so far they might lose touch with their surroundings.

In the Virtual Reality experiences, viewers dive into a graphical galaxy filled with sound and music – controlled with their arm gestures: from steering through the atmospheric layers of an unknown planet, to another galaxy with stars orbiting around the player, to an entirely abstract space where geometric shapes are deformed, destroyed, and rejoined. A continuous process of creation, modification and destruction of a visual and sound composition.


“Poets and artists live on frontiers. They have no feedback, only feedforward. They have no identities. They are probes.”

Marshall McLuhan



A project by FIELD
Co-Direction Vera-Maria Glahn
Concept, Design + Direction Marcus Wendt
Interaction Design David Li, Tim Murray-Browne, Jonas Johansson

Sound + Music Ben Lukas Boysen
Fabrication Studio MakeCreate
Photography James Medcraft

Assistance John Jones, Chris Coreless, Matteo Zamagni
Models Donia Rose, Calvin How, Emma Zangs
Styling + Costume Natalie Caroline Wilkins

Motion Direction Marquez + Zangs
Hair + Make-up Elvis Schmoulianoff

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