British Library Chorus

Exploring art + technology to create new formats of visual communication

British Library Chorus

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Twitter reactions to current affairs, translated into typographic choreographies.

A data-driven art installation, commissioned by the British Library for its major 2013 exhibition Propaganda: Power and Persuasion. Chorus examines how ideas and opinions spread via social networks, and their potential to influence public opinion.

Chorus: FIELDxBritishLibrary Chorus 03 by FIELD.IO
Chorus: FIELDxBritishLibrary Chorus 01 by FIELD.IO
Chorus: FIELDxBritishLibrary Chorus 05 by FIELD.IO


Commissioned by British Library
Produced by FIELD
Creative Direction Marcus Wendt
Production Vera-Maria Glahn
Lead Software Development Marcus Wendt

Live Scene Software Development Ali Nakipoglu
Backend Development Ryan Smith
Sound Studio Kamp

Documentation Everything is Okay

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