Talk The Science & Art of Getting Things Done

‘The Science & Art of Getting Things Done’ is the second in a series of events hosted by QuantumBlack, in partnership with the Royal Institution in London, on 23 November 2016. Vera was invited to join a panel of experts from Arup, Rolls Royce and Entrepreneur First, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of leading teams to deliver best outcomes.

Drawing on her experiences at FIELD, Vera shared her perspective on how to most efficiently meet the needs of the client, whilst also building an agile, and creatively fulfilled team. In particular, Vera stressed the importance of communicating effectively with clients about the real, human design decisions that transform their data into artworks, and that sometimes confrontation and honesty can be an important tool in moving projects forward in a productive way.

The panel discussed extensively the implications of new AI technologies, but ultimately concluded that the art of getting things done – the importance of communication, intuition, and negotiation – were still the most effective tools.