As consultants we help brands and corporations to successfully communicate the new technologies that are changing our lives right now.

Artificial Intelligence – Generative

Alexa, what do you look like?

Exploring Machine Learning algorithms in code-based illustrations: FIELD's new series System Aesthetics is an extensive new research project that now features in WIRED World 2018 issue.

2-Personal-Assistant-Preview by FIELD.IO
4-Face-Syhthesis-Preview by FIELD.IO
2-Personal-Assistant-Preview by FIELD.IO

Artificial Intelligence

A Deep Dive into Artificial Intelligence

As ever-more complex data systems are driving our lives, our focus as designers and artists is to create new metaphors that help people, brands and institutions talk about these most abstract and intangible things.

FIELD Second-Nature New-Territories-02 by FIELD.IO
FIELD Second-Nature New-Territories-01 by FIELD.IO
FIELD Second-Nature New-Territories-03 by FIELD.IO