GE Two Words for Tomorrow

Exploring art + technology to create new formats of visual communication

GE Two Words for Tomorrow

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A digital art installation that translates public opinion into an endless stream of consciousness – part of GE’s campaign Two Words for Tomorrow in Australia.

An endless flow of abstract animation, inspired by the paths of waterfalls, rapids, rivers and streams. The mesmerising streams of colour are influenced in real-time by people’s hopes and concerns for the future, submitted as two words online and through terminals on site.



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Digital Artwork FIELD
Commissioned by The One Centre
Physical Design + Creative Direction Moffitt.Moffitt
Concept + Design Marcus Wendt
Design Input Carl Burgess
Project Management Vera-Maria Glahn

Software Development Matthias Dörfelt
Sound Design Studio Kamp
Tech Support Lukasz Karluk

Installation Build + Activation Fourth Wall Events
Poll Design + Analysis Loyalty Live
Website + Polling Apps Futureburo

Documentation Futureburo

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