UK Gov Strokes of Creativity

Exploring art + technology to create new formats of visual communication

UK Gov Strokes of Creativity

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The creative process in a range of disciplines, symbolised in six unique stroke styles – from fashion, design and luxury, to technology, innovation and education.

A series of beautiful abstract animations forms the core of a dynamic art installation at the Great Festival of Creativity; a showcase of the best of British talent in emerging markets, initiated by the British Government. In a clean graphical overlay driven directly from the conference schedule, the installation announces the events of the upcoming hours in real-time.


Created by FIELD
Commissioned by Jack Morton
Client UK Government
Creative Direction Marcus Wendt
Animation Antar Walker, Misha Shyukin, Paul Mumford, Chris Davenport
Effects Development Pete Wallace, Maxime Causeret

Software Development Patrick Fürst
Production Vera-Maria Glahn
Sounddesign Audionerve

Documentation 8interactions

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