Kinetic Sculpture Spectra-1

ArtworkInstallationPhysicalArt DirectionData Visualisation

Spectra-1 is a spatial collage of digital and physical elements, synchronised to an ambient soundscape.

Solar eruptions and electromagnetic debris are projected into a large solar sail, blending with colour reflections, a data display, sound and wind into a multisensory collage.

The narrative of the installation evolves around a NASA data-set about the journey of the Voyager 1 space probe; taking mankind’s exploration into interstellar space as a metaphor for a personal search we are all familiar with.

Spectra-1 is part of a series of art installations which translate digital and graphical aesthetics into the physical realm: with reflective materials, vibrations of light, and temporal and spatial instability.

Spectra_1_3 Spectra-1_14
Spectra-1_09 Spectra-1_12


Grafill R21Artist Talk


Grafill R21Spectra-1: I Look for You in Everyone


A project by FIELD
Artistic Direction Marcus Wendt
Co-Direction Vera-Maria Glahn
Production Maran Coates

Engineering and Build Studio Makecreate
Software Owen Hindley
Sound Ben Lukas Boysen


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