: FIELD ResistancexFlow Running by FIELD.IO

Resistance x Flow – Visualising Exercise

Exploration work for a sports + fitness brand, to capture the physical feeling of resistance vs flow. Still illustrations and motion design for brand or campaign visuals, based on motion capture data for swimming, running, yoga, and boxing.

: FIELD ResistancexFlow Swimming by FIELD.IO
: FIELD ResistancexFlow Yoga by FIELD.IO
: FIELD ResistancexFlow Boxing by FIELD.IO
: FIELD ResistancexFlow Running C2 by FIELD.IO


Produced by


Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt

Art Direction

Xander Marritt

Effects Development

Tim Bacon

Animation Design + Development

Dan Hoopert


Carolina Vallejo

Sound Design

Jamie Teasdale

Executive Producer

Vera-Maria Glahn