New Nature

A second series of films commissioned by Diesel. Continuing the theme of New Natures, six individual films pick up on the obsessions of our digital culture, and mimic visual mechanisms that have become part of our culture – through minimal graphical interventions on lush tropical scenery.

: FIELD DieselSS16 VanillaSkies-01 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD DieselSS16 Oceans-02 by FIELD.IO

The way we struggle to switch off, even in the most captivating surroundings.
The Facebook envy triggered by your co-workers’ holiday snaps.
The way we “travel” on Street View without leaving our swivel chairs.
The way natural beauty isn’t good enough without a filter on it.
The way we want to earn points even for getting out of bed.

: FIELD DieselSS16 OfficeWetDreams-03 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD DieselSS16 SynaestheticOrnithology-04 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD DieselSS16 Hypertravel-01 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD DieselSS16 SynaestheticOrnithology-06 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD DieselSS16 Oceans-03 by FIELD.IO
: FIELD DieselSS16 SynaestheticOrnithology-02 by FIELD.IO


Produced by


Commissioned by

Diesel S.p.A.

Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt

Filming + Photography

James Medcraft

Effects Development

David Li

Design + Animation

Olof Storm, Matt Frodsham, Dan Hoopert, Ryan Dzierzek, Matteo Zamagni

Sound Design

Simon Pyke


Maran Coates

Executive Production

Vera-Maria Glahn