: hero by FIELD.IO

Briefed to create a motion identity for telecommunications company Huawei, the aim was to showcase their unique collaborative culture and premium ambition, aligned with their cutting-edge technology and research into innovation. Primarily used for device boot-up screens, keynote presentations and TV commercials, an individually designed, high-end logo animation was crafted.

Using the lotus petals as actors in a sequence of abstract narrative scenes, the collaborative process for which Huawei are revered is communicated. A spark of the brand red ignites through the petal demonstrating the company’s innovative spirit and through motion the logo becomes a living form; a sensorial experience brought to life through vibrant colour, enriched further by intricate and sophisticated details. Through careful attention to the lighting the logo matures into a powerful structure made of a deep red material conveying a premium look and a luxurious texture.

: Huawei Stills 00003 by FIELD.IO
: Huawei stills s000 by FIELD.IO
: Huawei Stills 00002 by FIELD.IO
: Huawei stills s003 by FIELD.IO
: Huawei stills s002 by FIELD.IO
: Huawei stills s007 by FIELD.IO
: Huawei stills s010 by FIELD.IO


Created by




Creative Direction

Marcus Wendt


Amy Passmore

Executive Production

Ale Pula

Design + Motion

Arnaud Peron, Dan Hoopert, Xander Marritt, Phillip Peters

Sound Design

Jamie Teasdale