How will tomorrow’s technologies redefine the way we live at home?

Everyday Experiments is a series of visual and technical studies for IKEA’s innovation lab SPACE10.

: FIELD Elephant Key 01 FINAL by FIELD.IO
: arc 01 by FIELD.IO

Looking through children’s eyes, FIELD’s three experiments employ new technologies to bring playfulness and freedom of imagination into familiar processes – as a shift of perception that unlocks creativity.

: Frame300 by FIELD.IO

New tools and toys can change how we think about interior – to help us unlearn old patterns, challenge the established function of rooms and furnishings, and discover new, intuitive, or uniquely personal ways of using the spaces we call home.

: FIELD Elephant Key 01 FINAL by FIELD.IO

Extreme Measures, aka the Elephant in the Room – a perfectly non-rational approach to sensing dimensions and volume.

The experiment allows us to place elephants anywhere and everywhere, to get a sense of how much space we have: that space under your bed, that nook under your stairs. The Elephant inflates to the confines of your newly discovered spaces.

The metaphorical “Elephant in the room”, something we’re trying to ignore, is subverted into a way of seeing potential, of sensing space intuitively, non-metrically.

Why an elephant, you ask? Well, why not!

An augmented object inflates in a real space – and conveniently measures volume and dimensions for you: the basic mechanic of our Extreme Measures experiment.

With Lidar-based scanning in our pockets on next-gen mobiles and tablets, augmented reality will finally grow up – from gimmick to reliable tool.

With precise edge detection, spatial mapping and higher level of detail, we can build apps that help you use your space creatively – even when you’re not an interior design geek.

New techniques using self-learning algorithms for calculating spatial depth in a video feed smoothly and in real-time will be the next boost for augmented reality: it allows us to place an AR-object behind a real-world object, and massively improves the integration of virtual elements with the scene.

: Frame325 by FIELD.IO

Spatial Instrument – a sensorial shift that makes you perceive space through sound.

This Augmented Reality prototype makes very object in your room play its part in an ever-changing soundscape – challenging your perception and understanding space.

A sensorial translation from sight to sound opens up a new perspective. An experiment to break up how we traditionally validate harmony and balance in interior design.

Machine learning and computer vision allow us to create a digital representation of a room, to recognise and catalogue individual objects.

In an Augmented Reality prototype, we are using this data for sound modulation and spatialized sound emitters, to create the interactive spatial instrument.

: lader 03 by FIELD.IO

Fort Builder taps into the creativity every human being has: to build a cosy place from whatever we can find.

Fortbuilding is a ubiquitous childhood experience of interior design, and a case in point for reimagining everyday objects: blissfully ignoring the assigned functions of everyday objects, seeing the building blocks for a stately castle wherever you look.

As an interactive 3D game, Fort Builder allows you to scan real objects from your home and arrange them into the most daring stronghold – ignoring the limits of gravity until you release them into a toppling tower.

An ode to the simple pleasure of smashing things, without doing any real damage to Mama’s best vase. And an important reminder that being locked in at home is not a limitation to creativity.

: FIELD Fort Making Key Visual 05 FINAL by FIELD.IO
: arc 01 by FIELD.IO






Executive Creative Director

Marcus Wendt

Client Director

Vera-Maria Glahn

Executive Producer

Xavier Boivin

Creative Lead

Xander Marritt


Alice Shaughnessy


Jonas Otto, Adam Samson

Design and Animation

Nicolas Le Dren, Ariel Lu, Davide Piscitelli, Adam Priester, Luke Hale