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“Transformation begins with a simple objective. A clearly defined goal designed to meet strategic ambition. And that goal can take many forms – reducing waste, increasing productivity, better service for customers. Once defined, organisations of all shapes and sizes marshall their resources, execute the plan, and apply the world’s most advanced technology in pursuit of performance.”

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The ambition behind Think 2019 was to bring together IBM, industries and expert technologists to discuss smarter businesses.

Those partners of IBM form part of an important ecosystem, where transformation and collaboration are changing the way businesses work and how they respond to the world around them. Because of the adaptability of IBM technologies, this can evolve in a very fluid and organic way – illustrated here by the natural, flowing movement of lines and forms.

As part of content produced for Think 2019, IBM created a number of case studies to showcase how their technologies are enabling business growth.
Optimizing performance examines how businesses can use technology as a way of modernising, increasing agility and defining future strategy.


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