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“Every day, we produce two and a half quintillion bytes of data. It is the raw material of our digital society, the most powerful natural resource on earth. But all the data in the world means nothing if we can’t refine it, trust it and transform it into insight. To see patterns, to anticipate change and give us the confidence to act.”

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As branding for the AI and Data campus, Generation was conceived as a response to the vast quantities of data and information processed by IBM Watson systems.

Using Watson allows customers to unlock the value of their data, to see patterns, predict future events, scale their business and optimize their workforce.

Watson’s current grid branding provided a starting point which exploded to a massive scale – millions of particles representing millions of pieces of data, which at first seems chaotic and uncontrollable but is reigned in and organised by Watson; from chaos to order.

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As part of content produced for Think 2019, IBM created a number of case studies to showcase how their technologies are enabling business growth.
Acting on Insight looks at how businesses are using AI, alongside greater understanding of their data, to improve customer service, provide security in the food supply chain and react to natural disasters.


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