Deutsche Bank Hi-Res Realtime Artworks

Exploring art + technology to create new formats of visual communication

Deutsche Bank Hi-Res Realtime Artworks

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Eight ever-changing video artworks of atmospheric cityscapes, hand-drawn sceneries, patterns and landscape animations for a permanently install 12m wide screen installation at Deutsche Bank Hong Kong.

All generated in realtime, passers-by are invited to discover new details every day. A unique experience every time you walk past. FIELD were invited by Universal Everything to bring their concepts to life using realtime code.


“A tremendous opportunity for us to put leading edge art and brand together for all our clients and staff”

Noah Ward, Group Chief Operating Officer
Deutsche Bank AG


Concept + Art Direction Universal Everything
Creative Coding FIELD
Commissioned by Deutsche Bank Hong Kong + Mark Cumming at EightFive2
Lead Design + Technical Direction Marcus Wendt
Software Development Mehmet Akten, Matthias Dörfelt, Marek Bereza, Sermad Buni, Dean McNamee
Sound Design Simon Pyke, Michael Fakesch

Project Management Philip Ward, Vera-Maria Glahn
Documentation Pete Seaward

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