Hakkasan Wok Hei

Wok Hei: Hakkasan Jakarta Announcement i1 v10 by FIELD.IO

Work in progress

A living and breathing sculpture of glass, light, colour and fog – illuminating Jakarta’s night sky.

Luxury restaurant group Hakkasan have commissioned FIELD to create a new dynamic sculpture of coloured glass, light and fog, for Hakkasan’s new outdoor restaurant in Jakarta.

Designed as a permanent but ever-changing feature on the rooftop terrace of the Alila SCBD hotel, the installation will radiate into the night sky from the terrace view and neighbouring buildings: A powerful yet elegant piece of communication that stands out in a the mass of advertising + information overload today.
Wok Hei, “the breath of the wok”, is a poetic notion of blending aromas and textures in Cantonese cuisine – an inspiration for a dynamic sculpture that combines an architectural object with the ephemeral elements of light and fog. The spectacle is driven by a generative software system to create an ever-changing narrative that undulates between subtle, suggestive and dramatic – like a night in the metropolis.

Set to launch in 2017 – more details coming soon.

Wok Hei: Hakkasan Jakarta Announcement i2 v3 by FIELD.IO
Wok Hei: Hakkasan Jakarta Announcement i4 v5 by FIELD.IO
Wok Hei: scaled test full building lights colored-glass 01 beam by FIELD.IO

The project is a continuation of our explorations of physical light installations brought to life using generative animation systems for previewing, development and permanent setup on-site.

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Concept + Design by FIELD
Commissioned by Hakkasan Group
Creative Direction Marcus Wendt
Computational Design Jonas Otto
Design + Animation Julien Bauzin

Industrial Design De Allegri + Fogale
Project Management Carolina de Vallejo
Research + Logistics Alice Shaughnessy

Executive Producer Vera-Maria Glahn
Photography Julien Bauzin, Marcus Wendt

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