The Creators Project Energy Flow

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The Creators Project Energy Flow

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Ten animated stories, woven into an interactive experience: Energy Flow is a non-linear film experience for iOS and Android tablets.

The app weaves ten animated narratives into an interactive, audio-visual experience that is unique every time it is played. Energy Flow explores the complexity of how things are connected in our lives today – the fragile equilibrium between physical, political, and cultural tensions.
The engine behind Energy Flow is a bespoke algorithmic storytelling tool, which composes a library of video and sound content into ever new narratives. A research project created by FIELD, Energy Flow was supported by The Creators Project.


“Pushing the boundaries on experimental, interactive narrative cinema.”

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Espacio Fundación TelefónicaEnergy Flow in Peru
Goethe InstitutDream On: Energy Flow
Contemporary Istanbul Art FairEnergy Flow
KinodromoRobot Paths: Energy Flow
Austrian Film MuseumPenetrating Surfaces: Energy Flow
DonaufestivalVienna Independent Shorts: Energy Flow


Tekniska MuséetDigital Revolution


A project by FIELD
Sound Design + Music Studio Kamp
Executive Production The Creators Project
Creative Direction Marcus Wendt + Vera-Maria Glahn
Contributing Artists Andreas Nicolas Fischer, Maxim Meshkov, Sergio Calderon
Animation + Visual Effects Marcus Wendt, Vincent Houze, Daniel Forgacs, Cai Matthews, Christos Parliaros, Soham Ramteke, Dawid Skrodzki

Crowds + Motion Capture Jens Martensson
Animal Animation Michael Spokas, Lukasz Burnet, Nenad Mitrovic
Animal Models + Rigging Massimo Righi, Viktoria Anselm, Jimmy Johansson

Editing Vera-Maria Glahn
Software Development Marcus Wendt, RenderHeads, Theo Tilberg
Press Alexandra Bennett

Additional Music + Sound Design Arran Poole and Michael Fakesch

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