Deutsche Bank – Hi-Res Realtime Artworks

FIELD were invited by Universal Everything to bring their concepts to life using realtime code. A unique and unrepeatable experience amazes staff and guests every time they walk by this 12m wide screen installation at Deutsche Bank Hong Kong.

Eight ever-changing video artworks show atmospheric cityscapes, hand-drawn sceneries, patterns and landscape animations. All generated in realtime, passers-by are invited to discover new details every day.






"A tremendous opportunity for us to put leading edge art and brand together for all our clients and staff"

Noah Ward, Group Chief Operating Officer, Deutsche Bank AG

"Never to be seen again, never been seen before"

Mark Cumming, Executive Producer, EightFive2

"My favourite is Citylights… incredibly creative in this particular space"

Noah Ward, Group Chief Operating Officer, Deutsche Bank AG


Strength and stability within a fluid and dynamic world are conveyed in these minimalist yet complex animations. Fascinating patterns, curling waves and organic structures emerge in this completely dynamic system, driven by a complex realtime simulation of physical forces.


takes you on a flight across urban landscapes. From a helicopter viewpoint we see skyscrapers grow, districts form, and suburbs flow into wide landscapes. Each city is built on a unique fictional layout, generated algorithmically and ranging from towns to metropolises, from grown Parisian structures to gridded Manhattans.

Unique Insights

A dice machinery with a life of its own. Like on a giant abacus, 7200 dice rotate to display abstract patterns, mazes, and Chinese symbols.

An endless composition of random and rules-based patterns, the artwork illustrates the challenge of seeing patterns in the chaos and complexity of financial markets.


On a plane flying out of LA or Tokyo by night – A city made of nothing but lights.

Around 150,000 lights make up the streets, buildings, traffic lights of a fictional city, showing a glimpse of a techno-romantic urban landscape, before floating up into the sky.

Performance + Teamwork

A minimalist expression of human motion, reduced to the beauty and tension of the performance.

Hundreds of balls in a vast virtual landscape float up to form a range of characters performing dance, athletics, Tai Chi, in an endless sequence of “Performance + Teamwork”.

A Passion for the Planet

Takes you to the forests, deserts and mountains of this world. Stunning landscape photography is brought to life with subtly integrated generative effects – a soft rain in the bamboo forest, cloud shadows over rice terraces, blown sand over the Sahara.

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Original concepts + Art Direction by Universal Everything
Creative Coding by FIELD
Commissioned by Deutsche Bank Hong Kong and Mark Cumming at EightFive2
Development by Mehmet Akten, Marek Bereza, Sermad Buni, Dean McNamee and Matthias Dörfelt
Artwork Audio by Michael Fakesch and Simon Pyke
Photography by Pete Seaward