Chivas Regal The Essence

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Chivas Regal The Essence

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Think of DNA as an Essence – a huge amount of information condensed into a small amount of matter: The moment it unfolds, something magical and unique happens.

For the global launch campaign of its first blend malt whisky Ultis, Chivas Regal commissioned FIELD to create unique generative artworks for each of their 5 master distillers – using their DNA data as a source.

The artworks are minimalist shapes, with an incredible richness of detail on their surfaces and textures – reflecting the idea that a mere 0.1% difference in our genetic codes is what makes every human being unique. An ungraspable, fragile material, and yet it contains the code for life.

Beyond print and motion assets for all channels, the artworks became the set for the campaign’s TV commercial and making-of as an immersive 5-channel video installation.

Campaign Film / The Story
Campaign Film / TVC


Artworks produced by FIELD
Campaign by Havas Worldwide
Commissioned by Chivas Regal
Creative Direction Marcus Wendt
Producer Maran Coates
Art Direction Paul Brenner, Dan Hoopert

Executive Producer Vera-Maria Glahn
Visual Effects Development Michael Parker, Jonas Otto, David Li
Design + Animation Paul Brenner, Dan Hoopert, Matteo Zamagni

Sound Design + Music Jamie Teasdale

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