17 Dec 2017

From Alexa to Tesla, this is how algorithms see the world

: hero by FIELD.IO

In 2018, Algorithms will increasingly power every aspect of our lives, from voice recognition to self-driving cars. But it’s difficult for humans to understand such abstractions. “There’s a real lack of imagery and visual metaphors for all these new and very abstract things that we have in our lives,” explains Marcus Wendt, creative director at London-based art and technology studio FIELD. “We don’t have anything that will help us decide whether we can really trust these systems, or which one to go for, whenever there is more than one option.”

FIELD created five exclusive images for The World in 2018, WIRED magazine’s annual look at the technology which will impact our lives in the follpwing year. Cased on the structure of computing code, the images are part of a project to make algorithms much more accessible to all of us by developing a new visual language around them.