Good people. Exciting projects. Exploration & Dedication.

We are a small team of exceptional artists, developers, designers and producers – always looking for talented, creative + inspiring people to join us. Both full time and freelance applicants welcome. Send a mail to

Designer + Motion Artist, Junior

Super 3D designers with skills in Houdini, Cinema4D, Arnold, and Octane. Experience working in motion is preferable, although not essential. A technical prowess and the ability to approach a problem from both a technical and creative standpoint simultaneously, is a must.

Computational Designer, Midweight

Talented creative coders fluent in JavaScript, C++, GLSL and familiar with Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Node.js, openFrameworks and WebGL/ OpenGL needed. Preferably with additional experience in generative design, an aesthetic flair and the ability to make their designs come to life. Only experienced designers need to apply. Both full time and freelance applicants welcome.

Producer, Midweight

Be prepared to be thrown into unusual situations and solve problems you couldn’t even name yesterday. You will be expected to take briefs from concept to delivery whilst working with a close team around you. This involves receiving and interpreting briefs, acting as a point of liaison and a firm but flexible approach to project management. We're searching for individuals as determined as us who are ready to step up, take ownership, and wear as many hats as needed to achieve the highest quality of work. Real makers please apply. Both full time and freelance applicants welcome.