Exhibition Violescence

Our next solo exhibition Violescence explores visions of a near future, centred around the new work Quasar: three wearable sculptures, each giving access to an interactive, audiovisual virtual reality experience.

Presented by Sedition, the show includes new and recent works across wearable sculptures, fashion film, virtual reality, and animation.

Quasar describes the spirit of pioneering as three human archetypes – each with their own means of perception, rationale and communication. We observe their acts of exploring and creating, their willpower, creative strength and physical exhaustion. Idolised innovators of our time, advancing so far they might lose touch with their surroundings.

The exhibition also includes works from the series Forays and Spectra:

Forays are animations and digital prints that represent fictional objects of the future that function to enhance our sensual perception, foreshadowing how the influence of technology will change our idea of reality.

Spectra is a half digital, half physical collage that captures our longing to reach further and further into the unknown, letting our earthbound significance shrink away in the distance.


Violescence is a continuation of FIELD’s ongoing exploration of new formats and platforms for digital art including immersive virtual reality experiences connected to sculpture, photography and video manipulated with visual effects, the blend between physical and digital environments and identities.

The exhibition is kindly supported by LG