Exhibition abstrakt Abstrakt - The Systemized World

Curators Marius Watz and Eno Henze included Interim Camp and Muse into the NODE10 exhibition titled, abstrakt Abstrakt – The Systemized World. The fabulous spaces in the Frankfurter Kunstverein also hosted pieces by Ralf Baecker, Ben Fry, Leander Herzog, Robert Hodgin, Thilo Kraft, Brandon Morse, Louise Naunton Morgan, John Powers, Patrick Raddatz, SOFTlab, Jorinde Voigt and Zimoun. The NODE Forum for Digital Arts has grown from a VVVV community event to one of the most exciting art and technology gatherings in Germany and include workshops, lectures, exhibits and performances.

: Node flyer by FIELD.IO
: Node exhib by FIELD.IO

Abstrakt Abstrakt – The Systemized World
Frankurter Kunstverein
Frankfurt/Main, Germany
16-20 November 2010
Opening: Monday, November 15, 6pm